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Selling your home the traditional way can be stressful.

First, you have to hire an agent who would want 6% of your sales price. You then have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to repair your home to protect yourself from lawsuits by future homeowners. Then sign a mountain of legal paperwork just to list your property for sale. The agents will put a large “For Sale” sign outside your home. For weeks, possibly for months, there will be strangers going through your home, numerous inspections and in as many as 25% cases buyers back out – and you start from scratch. You will have to keep making your mortgage, tax, insurance payments in the meantime.

Not fun – is it?


About Us

For 20 years, my partner & I have served our local community! 
It really started when I tried to sell my mother’s home. The home wasn’t really in the best of conditions (frankly, mom hadn’t done anything to the house in years). When we decided to move her with us, it was just a nightmare to sell that house. Every agent we invited wanted us to make like a million repairs and fill out a mountain of disclosures and legal non-sense. And then, we were going to lose almost $12,000 in closing costs. 
Then I got a call from Jim & Nancy who were local landlords. They didn’t want any repairs & were willing to buy the house as is. When they made us a fair offer to buy the house – it was like a breath of fresh air. We were done in 4 days! 
We were so impressed that a few years later I started learning about Real Estate. Since then, we made it our mission in life to help our fellow citizens just like Jim & Nancy had helped us! 

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Reasons why some homeowners have sold their home to us!

  • Moving to another city 70% 70%
  • Scaling down to a smaller home 50% 50%
  • Need help with mortgage or tax payments 80% 80%
  • Trying to prevent a foreclosure 90% 90%
  • Need to pay mounting bills 75% 75%
  • Getting a divorce 95% 95%

“With home values starting to fall as the whole economy shifts, there has never been a better time to sell your home. Most investors are starting to withdraw from the property buying business with a continuous fall in property values as well lack of lenders”

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What do we do with the houses we buy?

For 20 years, we have been providing affordable housing to Americans. We repair homes we purchase to make them the apple of the eye of local neighborhoods. These homes provide affordable housing opportunities to families wanting security and a fresh start.

Why sell your home to us?

1. Highest market offer

You will be getting the highest fair market offer from us. GUARANTEED! Unlike many ‘new’ investors trying to making a quick living, our company is based on building long term relationships with homeowners and our investors.

2. We pay all closing costs

Realtor fee gone! Closing cost gone! Title fee gone!
You save the 8-12% fee that sellers lose during sale

3. Flexibility

We are a local business, not a Wall street out of town company. As your neighbors, we value our relationships with you. That’s why we can offer many flexible terms such as taking over your mortgage payments, paying for your moving costs, working on a flexible closing date and so much more!

Some houses we have purchased recently…

Main st, Houston

Closed transaction in 9 days!

Dryden st, Dallas

Closed transaction in 12 days!

Highland Rd, Duncanville

Closed transaction in 5 days!

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