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We get it! You don’t want…
Strangers walking all over your home,
Agents passing judgement on the repairs needed,
Losing thousands of dollars in closing costs!

About Us

For 20 years, my partner & I have served our local community! 
It really started when I tried to sell my mother’s home. The home wasn’t really in the best of conditions (frankly, mom hadn’t done anything to the house in years). When we decided to move her with us, it was just a nightmare to sell that house. Every agent we invited wanted us to make like a million repairs and fill out a mountain of disclosures and legal non-sense. And then, we were going to lose almost $12,000 in closing costs. 
Then I got a call from Jim & Nancy who were local landlords. They didn’t want any repairs & were willing to buy the house as is. When they made us a fair offer to buy the house – it was like a breath of fresh air. We were done in 4 days! 
We were so impressed that a few year laster I started learning about Real Estate. Since then, we made it our mission in life to help our fellow citizens just like Jim & Nancy had helped us! 

Our Values

Respect you & your home

We understand that your home is your pride. You may have spent many joyful years there; maybe you raised your kids there, just like we did in our home of 20 years. We will always present you with the best options available for you. 

Respect your privacy

We understand you may not want a sign outside your house advertising to the whole world! We work with as discreetly and confidentially as you want us to. Your privacy is further protected by top local Title companies. 

Present you the highest market offer

We want repeat business and not make a tidy profit from just one sale. That’s why our offers are always much higher than any other investor or agent. We will work hard to make your home the pride of your neighborhood & give an opportunity to a young family to raise their kids in a beautiful home.

Our Approach

It’s simple!

1. Call us to setup a time to meet at your house

2. Review our offer & reach an agreement (90% home-owners accept our first offer)

3. Tell us when you want to close

4. We hire a reputable Title company that handles all the legal work 

5. Close and get your funds via wire or cashier’s check

Typical time from 1-5 is about 10 days


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Make sure your Buyers are for real

Real buyers will always:

  • Will work with a reputable Title company
  • Deposit earnest money with a Title company
  • Will provide paper-work on state-licensed contracts
  • Will not try to re-negotiate the price constantly
  • Will close the deal as per the contract without seeking un-necessary extensions

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