We'll pay for all your home repairs AND

share the profit after sale

Our award-winning business model has you making the most money than a traditional sale!

How it works?

It’s really simple…

1. Call us for an offer

Our licensed team member visits your house to determine if this is a good match for. We will give you a proposal about how much repairs are needed and what the expected price for your home price is.

2. We begin repairs

After an agreement, we will make all the necessary repairs on your home so it can fetch the highest price on the market.
Remember we pay for all repairs!

3. We sell the property

Our experienced sales team will list the house for sale. We handle all the showings, negotiations & sale.  We split the profits with you 50/50!

Licensed Title company!

All the contracts are with a state licensed title company so you can be assured that you are in good & safe hands.

Costs are pre-disclosed

You will know exactly how much money will be spent on repairs from day 1. Any overages – that’s our problem!

Make 30% more

By Joint-venturing with an experienced partner like us, home-owners typically make 30% more from the sale of their home, than selling it as is.

Want to see how it works?

Let’s talk! We can meet or review options via a video chat!
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Your profit with our business model 

By assuming all work and cost of rehab & construction, we eliminate all the risk for you. Our experienced designers, construction experts, and sales agent go to work for you, at no cost to you.

Selling your homes, involves many stressful steps.... Not with us!

First, you have to hire an agent who would want 6% of your sales price. You then have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to repair your home to protect yourself from lawsuits by future homeowners. Then sign a mountain of legal paperwork just to list your property for sale. The agents will put a large “For Sale” sign outside your home. For weeks, possibly for months, there will be strangers going through your home, numerous inspections and in as many as 25% cases buyers back out – and you start from scratch. You will have to keep making your mortgage, tax, insurance payments in the meantime.
Not fun – is it? 
With us – Call to get a proposal & we can take care of everything else!

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Our business model is the talk of the town
Hundreds of homeowners have benefitted locally from our unique business proposition. Backed by a great team, you will be a part of a growing family of homeowner-partners.

Secured by Title

Certified Repairs

Impeccable Team

Locally available

Maximize profits

Homeowner Partner

comments from our projects…

I never expected to make $20,000 profit-share in additionm to the sale price of my home. Working with the team was so straight-forward and easy. I honestly learnt a lot of remodelling homes.

Adeline Taylor

Birmingham, Alabama

The team was very respectful and professional. They kept their end of the deal 100%. My family is very happy we chose this option for selling our home.

Danny Garcia

Des Moines, IO

When we decided to sell our home, it was very stressful dealing with all kinds of agents, buyers, investors. When I got the offer where I could have my entire house remodeled by a professional at no cost to me and then share in post-sale profits – it sounded to be good to be true. But 6 weeks later, we are so excited to have our home sold and made a tidy profit.

Theresa Jarvis

Galveston, TX

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to sell your home and make the most money from the sale, look no further.

Ada Lipps

New Orleans, LA

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