After years in development & thousands of hours with the holiest names in the business, the biggest baddest Real Estate marketing portal is finally here!
Dozens of features in
Lead Management
6 Marketing Campaign
Google Ranking Website
AI Virtual Assistants
Live Rehab Estimators
Workflow Automations
Leads Dashboards
Never lose sight of any leads coming from dozens of your marketing campaigns. Create advanced filters. Manage teams. Assign tasks. All with simple but powerful drag & drop dashboards.
Marketing Features
Cut the noise & subscriptions to other systems with our 1-stop Marketing campaigns! Create beautiful and super-high-delivery campaigns that get your phones ringing.
PS: 5-free phone numbers on us!
Email Campaign
Mail Campaign
SMS Campaign
Voice Mail Campaign
Google Ranked Websites
We cracked the code on Google! With 1-click you can create unlimited websites to attract motivated sellers or private lenders. With lead-capture forms, chat-bots, with our SEO secret-sauce, lead-capture forms, & chat-bots you can triple your leads overnight.
AI Assistant
Are you signed in to a million forums, sending you ‘deals’ in your in-box. Say hello to your new email-bots. Turn the bots loose in your email-inbox & watch them extract leads & pop the deals in your dashboard - all done LIVE.It's time to feel the magic by a single click.
Your websites come with AI driven chatbots designed to auto-magically negotiate the deals for you. With values of almost 90% residential properties these bots can talk down sellers or negotiate rates with private lenders without you ever lifting a finger.
Construction Estimator
We partnered with the top 50 rehabbers in US to bring you a rehab estimator where you can estimate any job, anywhere in the nation within minutes! Did we say anywhere? Yes - all rehab numbers are location adjusted to provide you the most accurate number as of today.
Smart Automation
Workflow Automation
“How did you get my number?” “Take me off your list” “I am not selling” 80% of time is wasted in removing junk deals. Get to real deals & let automations remove the nonsense - all done automagically.
Followup Automation
85% deals come after the 7th followup. That’s right! Your CRM comes loaded with tools to create follow-ups for years to come with a couple of clicks.Now It's time to work smart.
Join the real players
Backed by some of the most prominent names in the Real Estate space, you will be working along side the sharpest minds in the game. Access all the latest technology & marketing trends otherwise reserved for the elite
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