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We know you’ve worked hard to save your money!

That’s why we know 
you’re very careful with your investment choices

We offer investors opportunities to invest in Real Estate backed short-term & long-term mortgages.
Here is how it works:

1. Our experienced team selects a Real Estate project that needs funding using our proprietary risk-analysis tools. This allows us to choose the safest loans with maximum returns for our investors.

2. We present the loan to you

3. A reputable title company prepares all the contracts to ensure your lien on the property (backed by Title insurance)

4. Upon closing, you receive a monthly check in the email for the entire term of the loan


Your investment is secure

Your investment is backed by a Real Estate property. That means it is not impacted by constant ups & downs like the stock market. While any investment carries an inherent risk, being secured by an actual physical asset is the strongest form of security. 


Short or Long term -you choose

We offer you options to invest in both short term loans (typical for fix & flip projects) or long-term loans (rental homes). Choose your diversification as per your financial plans.


You're in control

Many investments do not give you the flexibility of withdrawing your cash in case of emergencies. With us, your investment is secured with a Deed of Trust, which is a fully tradable investment. You can sell it any time you want to any other investor.


5x returns!

A typical investment with us yields at least 5 times the return when compared with a 12 month CD. But the value of seeing your investment provide a beautiful home to a family in need – PRICELESS!

About Us & Why We are
Your best partners

We can tell you that we have been in business for 20 years, have made hundreds of millions of dollars for our super-happy investors, and have provided housing opportunities to hundreds of young & old families. But you’re probably looking for more…
We know whenever we are looking to do business with someone new we ask ourselves the following three questions from our future partners:

  • Do they have any previous success?
  • Do they have any skin in the game?
  • Are our interests secured?
  • Is the partnership secured with good paperwork? 

If you think the same way, you will be pleased in doing business with us.

Our Work

Our Recent Projects

123 Main St, Jacksonville, FL

  • 4/3 Single Family project
  • 6-month renovation
  • Loan Size 389,000
  • Estimated Investor returns: 8.9%

456 Dryden St, Houston, TX

  • 4/2 Duplex project
  • Long term Rental 
  • Loan Size 247,000
  • Estimated Investor returns: 6%

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Here’s what other investor’s have to say about us

We were sick of losing our 401K literally the third time. So after the 2009 financial disaster, we invested our money in Real Estate backed mortgages. It almost seems like a dream to see our money grow steadily without having to constantly worry about the stock market

Bill & Nancy Krug

I wanted a reliable diversification for my IRA. When my financial advisor encouraged me to check our Real -Estate investments, I was a little skeptical since I knew so little about the industry. But with a little direction, I have been so happy with my decision to invest in Real Estate loans as a lender. In fact, over the last last 5 years, I have steadily increased the size of my investments more & more to take advantage.
Update: I wanted to update my testimonial after the COVID-19 crisis; while my friends have almost lost all investments, my money has not only been safe but more in demand as traditional banks are leaving the market. I encourage every American to try Real Estate lending

Janice Crane


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