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Founded out of Houston TX, RealAcquisitions has been serving the Real Estate investor and agent community since 2008.

Built on Transparency, Honest Pricing and Exclusive deals- RealAcquisitions brokerage services are offered as a unique Retainer model that helps clients achieve their Real Estate investment needs.

RealAcquisitions brought together leading real estate investors with some of the greatest minds in technology to create the nation's foremost engine for distressed property acquisitions.

RealAcquisitions patented technology model marries civil court records, MLS data, land records, and county appraisal records into a tapestry of information allowing our clients and agents to find potential investment properties that can be located nowhere else.

Today Realacquisitions reaches out to over ten thousand investors all over the nation. Join us at any one of our local events and experience for yourself why clients absolutely love us.