Real Estate Marketing Summit

May 19th | Worldwide virtual event

As the economy gradually opens back up, there is tremendous excitement but also anxiety. What does getting back to work actually mean? What is the impact expected in the lending, property values and core-businesses like Real Estate education & wholesaling?

With that in mind we have gathered industry titans from all over the United States to come & share with you their strategies & predictions for the next 90 days!

So join us on May 19th as the best of the best in Real Estate come together for a massive gathering of the minds to bring their crystal ball in your hands!

Get ready for an immensely powerful event!


Real Estate Summit

Real Acquisitions hosted Real Estate summit is one of the biggest & oldest events in the community. Network with hundreds of local wholesalers, landlords, flippers & agents/brokers specializing in the investing space.

Event Schedule

May 19th, 2020 | Worldwide Virtual event

12:15 pm
Event kick off & Check-in


Event kick off with Real Acquisitions CEO A.G Gupt. New product announcements and new customer incentives.

12:30 pm
Real Estate Finance panel

With Eddie Gant, Rich Pulido

Some of the biggest names in the Real Estate financing world share their insights on where they see the market trending. As Wall street withdraws from many markets, hear the panel guide you on how to keep your money flowing for your investments
Eddie Gant, President Jet Lending, Homevestors
Rich Pulido, SVP Ground Floor Crowdfunding

1:15 pm
Homes values, Market trends

With Robert Cook, Danny Garcia

An unprecedented amount of ‘For sale listings’ have been pulled from the market; while the demand for residential housing continues to rise. Prominent decision makers talk & discuss where they feel the Real Estate prices are trending. 
Is there a recession coming? 
Robert Cook, Ex Chairman HAR, Director NAR
Danny Garcia, President NAHREP 

2:00 pm
Future of Real Estate education

With Grant Kemp, Mike Hambrite, John Jackson

Physical events & meetings seem now a thing of the past – what does that mean for the education & coaching business. Watch this star-studded cast talk about their multi-million dollar enterprises and the adaptations they are making. 
Grant Kemp, Creative Cashflow
Mike Hambrite, Investor Fuel Master mind
John Jackson, Lease Options

2:45 pm
Future of wholesaling

These young entrepreneurs have created wholesaling businesses with tools like cold calling, virtual assistants, and scalable CRMs that are generating millions in monthly revenues. What is the upgrades they are making to their operations.? Where do they see the massive world of wholesaling going? What trends can you take advantage of?
Earon Bevans, Millennial entrepreneur

Keith Everett, Real estate investor


Meet Our Speakers

Robert Cook
Robert Cook

Ex-Chairman HAR, Director NAR (National Assc. of Realtors)

Rob is considered by many as the local Oracle of Real Estate; with an enviable track record in Real Estate & a super successful Radio Show. Rob brings a great perspective from the national leadership on home-values.

Mike Hambright
Mike Hambright

President Investor Fuel

One of the fastest-growing Master-minds in Texas, Investor fuel has created many Real Estate success stories.

A.G Gupt
A.G Gupt

CEO RealAcquisitions

A well-known speaker, A.G is renowned for his expertise in structuring un-conventional Real Estate transactions. A.G also owns and manages a very active portfolio of residential and commercial Real estate investments. Along with his wife, he also runs a luxury residential construction company. He shares his expertise in the role of technology in faster and cheaper ways of buying real estate.

Eddie Gant
Eddie Gant

President Jet Lending

One of the largest local lenders, Eddie has a great perspective on the local markets as well as the national markets.

Grant Kemp
Grant Kemp

Creative CashFlow

Having built & sold many Real Estate companies, Grant is a well-known figure in the Seller Finance & education space.

John Jackson
John Jackson

Leasing to Buy

Considered the King of Lease options, John runs a multi-million dollar education & LO nationwide business.

Keith Everett
Keith Everett

Real estate investor

Having over 300 transactions under his belt in just under 48 months, Keith is one of the RE community’s top CLOSERS. This young 7 figure earner, has mastered the art of creating systems and scaling his business. 

Rich Pulido
Rich Pulido

SVP Ground Floor

One of the largest Crowd-funded lenders in the nation, Rich will address the challenges and opportunities as Wall street investors flee.

Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia

President NAHREP

Heading the largest organization in the nation of Hispanic RE professional, Danny will talk about the expected Hispanic impact on the market.

Earon Bevans
Earon Bevans

Millennial entrepreneur

Earon has built one of the largest wholesaling operations spanning the nation and talks about building massive wholesaling trends.

This Event is Free, But There’s Only Room for so many!

Event fills up fast. We would really appreciate an early RSVP to give you an awesome event experience. 


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