Driving and adding properties

Start your drive and add properties to a list.
Add photos, notes, tags.


Looking up homeowner details

See how you can add homeowner details either during your drive or by simply pulling up any property in your list.

Adding Team members

You can add Team members or Scouts.
Team members are your employees, agents or journeyman.
A scout is anyone you will give a unique link to add property leads for you, for instance the neighborhood mail-man, the Uber driver, Amazon delivery guy. 

Sending direct mail

Send direct mail with 1-click. No minimums – send 1 post card or send a few hundred

Settings & Adding wallet balance

See how you can update your preferences. Learn options to upload balance to your wallet, which you can then use to send mailers or Power Trace owners,

Looking up Neighbor information

Maybe you’re a contractor working on a house? Or are you an agent wanting to reach out to the whole block? Maybe a Real Estate investor trying to find the owner of a vacant home.
Lookup the neighbors & send them your marketing material! 

Adding houses manually

See how can add properties by simply click & hold on a map. 

HouZes Mobile App

Welcome to the HouZes tutorials page. Here you will find quick tutorials of the most important features of the app. 
Want to learn more? Send us an email at support@houzes.com with the videos that you will like to see!

Don’t have access yet?

No worries, download the app & get started. 
Or reach out to us at (855) 732 5328 or support@houzes.com