Choosing a Paint Scheme


With all the paint options out there, it can get overwhelming which to choose from. Time is money and you want to make the best decision from the start. Here are some tips from Commercial Designer, Olevia Nguyen of Vero Interiors.

Tip #1 Background Check

Existing finishes that are not being replaced will determine your paint scheme. Check the undertones of your current finishes. Are they blue-ish? You’ll want to go with Gray colors. Are they purple to yellow-ish? Then you’ll want to use Beige to Greige colors. Not sure? Ask your paint vendor, they will be able to help you choose which color to choose from.

Tip #2 Start With One

Many times, you may come across a home that appears imbalanced. If this occurs, check the undertones. Warm tones and cool tones may be mixed in the same room causing a conflict between two shades that usually don’t compliment each other. Start with one finish you prefer and use Tip #1 to determine which ‘tone family’ suits best. This will also give you a clue to your next color finish.

Tip #3 Rule of Third

The human eye is naturally drawn to a limited amount of information within a matter of seconds. Sometimes, less is more. Try to stay within 2-3 interior finishes, excluding pop of color. This includes wood stain finishes, paint colors, laminate finishes. These colors can be repeated by using various textures/shapes of the previous finish to make the home interesting without overwhelming the color scheme. For example, light gray can be a paint color and a textured tile in the same room. Bonus Tip: Rotate or repeat the pattern (tile) to create texture on the floor without introducing a new color.

Tip #4 Color Matching

If you’re stumped on picking a second/third finish, go back and review your other finishes. Sometimes, secondary colors are discovered through a patterned tile that has multiple colors that can be used as the ‘accent’ color or supporting paint color. Pay attention to colors in textured carpet/fabric, for instance. Some of the most tailored schemes are chosen from a sample that shares a monochromatic scheme that compliments each other. Plus, it would save you time choosing a secondary color. Work smarter, not harder.

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