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Airbnb for Landlords & Investors - Meetup

February 26th

Houston TX

Wednesday 5:30 – 8:30 pm

Taking on the World, One City at a Time

Airbnb has changed the way we stay in places, forever. It is changing the Real Estate industry as thousands of Real Estate professionals Double and Triple their Profits month to month by changing their Strategies to Short Term instead of Long Term rental. Airbnb is also allowing Thousands of Entrepreneurs to build massive 6 Figure businesses in a relatively short amount of time.

Learning how to work in the short term rental space is changing the lives of many investors. 

As Airbnb Grows, we want you to participate in this multi-billion dollar industry. We want to invite You to Join us & our awesome team on this journey.
Are you Ready to learn more? 


Why AirBnb is such a money maker?

Because there is no other Real Estate strategy that can generate 3 to 5 TIMES the rent!
Because it is an uber EASY strategy to learn!
Because it requires so LITTLE CAPITAL to start!

Hourly bookings

Million Users

Billion in Value


So what is this event all about?

We are so pumped with all that’s happening with Airbnb. After receiving thousands of requests we finally flinched and after months of preparations, we are thrilled to announce that the first-ever Airbnb and Real Estate investor summit is finally here. The event will bring together the finest in the Airbnb & short term rental space with the local real estate investment community. For the first time, landlords, agents, brokers & all real estate professionals will get a chance to learn face to face with many local Airbnb hosts & operators.

Here are a few things that will be covered:

  • What are the business pro-cons of an Airbnb business? 
  • How do you actually get started?
  • Is location really that important? 
  • Are you really running a hotel?
  • Airbnb Arbitrage – running rentals without owning real estate
  • What are the biggest income killers?
    And much much more…

Short term rentals is becoming the fastest growing segment in RE investing

The world of short-term rentals, Airbnb being Exhibit A, is barely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how rapidly large-scale change is coming to the real estate and hotel businesses via the sharing economy. “Rather than buying or signing leases for a specific residence or office, people will one day have membership options with companies that guarantee space in any of their facilities worldwide –timeshares for the twenty-first century,” writes Peter L. Allen, head of the outreach and public affairs department of



5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Limited spots

My Story

Hi I am George Salas
In 2 years I built my business to 44 Airbnb rentals!

It gets us over $60,000 per month income. Coming from a 1 room house (that’s right 1 room, not 1 bedroom) in Peru this has been a surreal journey for me & my family. What short term rental strategy has done for my family & probably the next generation of my family is sometimes unbelievable.

My Top 10 Short term rental tips 

1. Research

All properties are not created equal – especially for short term rentals. Watch for key indicators (and no all properties don’t have to be the sexy condos in downtown)

2. Partner

Another host or a property management company could be key partners in helping secure a passive cash flow.

3. Insure

Correct insurance is key – watch out for lost rent & short rental waivers

4. Reviews

Believe it or not – all reviews, even the good ones need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Learning how to derive ‘actionable’ intelligence is key. 

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